Meet Jennifer, she took her first TechChange course on Technology for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding in October and is now facilitating multiple TechChange courses.

Drawn by our teaching model, after completing her course, she wanted to become involved as a facilitator for our courses. She is currently co-facilitating TC111: Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation with Norman Shamas, and facilitating

With the rapidly growing field of monitoring and evaluation, there are many technology tools that are designed to help the many roles of M&E practitioners. The fastest growing area has been digital data collection, which currently uses mobile phones and portable GPS systems. Reporting has become easier with all the tools for data visualizations and data cleaning. There are also many research options with statistical software and programming languages …

It is wonderful to see how GIZ is committed to mHealth and M&E through their investment in technology capacity building in Nepal. Check out how TechChange Communications Associate Samita Thapa met TechChange alumni at GIZ Nepal while returning to her native home during the holidays.

Last month, we launched our very first round of TC111: Technology for Monitoring & Evaluation with a class of over 100 participants. Bringing their online learning experience offline in Zambia, several course participants met with one of the course’s guest experts to continue their technology for M&E discussions in-person.

Mobile data application, Magpi, has been ranked Top Digital Data Collection App by Kopernik Impact Tracker Technology! Congratulations to the Magpi team on the award and the new website!