Course Description

The Art of Advocacy: Practical Strategies for a More Effective Campaign is a self-paced learning experience that guides students through key components of an advocacy campaign. It highlights best practices and resources created by the Lebanon Civic Support Initiative (LCSI) from its work in promoting youth advocacy in Lebanon. This course is designed as an easy-to-access resource for local level advocacy efforts of USAID staff, field practitioners, implementing partners, local organizations and activists. Through the lens of OTI’s Advocacy Index and with the weight of three years of field experimentation, the training shares lessons learned and tools on five key components of the advocacy process, providing insights into how to create and conduct an advocacy assessment.

Be sure to access the full suite of advocacy tools and resources at OTI’s Advocacy Resource Center:

Course Methodology

The entire course is delivered online and intended to be taken as an on-demand learning experience that can be completed in 90 minutes in one sitting or more. Content is arranged in the form of slides, videos, animations, interactive exercises, and more.

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