Course Description

This one-hour interactive on-demand online course developed by the UNICEF and TechChange teaches participants how to get started with RapidPro, a new powerful open source software that allows you to easily build and scale mobile-based applications and services from anywhere in the world. Access this full course for free from anywhere with an internet connection and anytime no matter your time zone.

Course Topics and Featured Tech

RapidPro is a powerful tool that allows you to connect directly with a user on their mobile phone over SMS, voice, or social media without the help of a software developer, making it easy to adapt for different contexts and needs.

This free on-demand course was developed by UNICEF and TechChange to build the capacity necessary to successfully design, deploy, and scale SMS, IVR, and social media-based interactions using RapidPro. It is designed to be taken in 1-1.5 hours at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

Course Objectives

Module 1: Introduction to RapidPro

This module provides a broad introduction to RapidPro including features, functions, and examples of current UNICEF deployments.

After this module participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic functions and features of RapidPro
  • Understand importance of RapidPro in addressing global challenges
  • Explain how RapidPro has been used on the ground in 4 different contexts
  • Prepare a presentation on RapidPro for a representative of a country or supervisor in an office

Module 2: Strategizing RapidPro

This module will guide you through the RapidPro Deployment Toolkit, an essential planning tool to help you understand how RapidPro can be used to support international development activities and communicate this to others.

After this module participants will be able to:

  • Define and understand all key terms used in the toolkit
  • Explain the significance of the toolkit activities and project documents
  • Analyze whether RapidPro is a suitable tool for a specific goal
  • Design a RapidPro flow

Course Methodology

Participants can expect a fun and practical learning environment with a mixture of animations, scenario-based case studies, and interactive exercises including designing a RapidPro flow.

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