Course Description

Technological innovation is transforming civil society organization and creating new opportunities for government accountability. This four-week online professional development certificate course will evaluate case studies where new technologies have been used for activism and what factors and contexts are most influential on outcomes. It will also provide participants with strategies for maximizing the impact of new media and train them in the effective use of analysis and message management tools.

Course Topics and Featured Tech

  • Communicating Online: Social Media Analytics and Outreach
  • Simple Tools for Big Data: Sunlight Labs and Accountable Congress
  • Building an Engaged Public: CrowdHall and Online Discussions
  • Open Government Partnerships and Local Connections: How to Open Your Government

Course Objectives

During the course, students will be expected to:
  • Interact directly with prominent experts, academics, and technologists, including the World Bank, Georgetown University, and Open Forum Foundation.
  • Apply new technical skills through hands-on simulations for social media, government accountability, and open governance.
  • Share interests and experiences in this space to strengthen personal networks with other professionals for better community tech-enabled programming.
  • Initiate a sustainable open government project through their own organisations or in their home countries to promote accountable governance.
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