3D Printing Prosthetics: A conversation with Jon Schull & Jeremy Simon of e-NABLE

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This event took place on January 22, 2015. You can view a recording by submitting the registration form.

e-NABLE is a global online community of humanitarian volunteers designing, building and disseminating inexpensive, functional 3D-printed prosthetics.

• e-NABLE 3D-printed prosthetic hands cost approximately $50, compared to traditional devices priced in the thousands of dollars.

• Providing affordable devices to children with upper-limb differences, including missing fingers, increases opportunities for play and interaction with the world around them.

• Many children have to wait until they are fully grown in order to receive their first prosthetic; with 3D printing, new and affordable custom prosthetics can easily be made for children as they grow.

Interested in learning more about this topic? Sign up for our four-week online certificate course on 3D Printing for Social Good.

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