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Editor’s Note: This post has been revised to reflect corrections submitted by PeaceTXT and Sisi Ni Amani

I’ve long been interested in how new media can play a unifying/integrating role vs. a divisive/partisan one and, in this regard, I came across some interesting information recently on a tool called PeaceTXT that I thought I would share. But, first, some background.

I had the opportunity last fall to ghost write the background paper for the U.S. Institute of Peace’s Study Guide on “The Impact of New Media on Peacebuilding and Conflict Management.” This will be used for USIP’s annual high school essay contest and can be downloaded at:

I had the opportunity to attend a conference at USAID a fewweeks ago on the theme of Knowledge Management (KM) for Development ( It was a great space to learn about the challenges that the development community is facing related to sharing, gathering, and analyzing data. Clearly, it’s critical to know what works (and doesn’t) when decisions to support programming are being made. …

This is the second post in a two part series on this topic. The first installment was written by TJ earlier in the week.

The Exchange 2.0 conference at the U.S. Institute of Peace on 4/27 offered a stimulating discussion that centered on using new technologies to further cross-cultural learning. While it was clearly conveyed that face-to-face study abroad programs are one of the best vehicles for …