Jenna is a graphic designer and creative director. She is excited to be helping TechChange design clean, structured interfaces and custom graphics for presentations, multimedia, and websites. Jenna earned her BFA in Sculpture and Art History from Maine College of Art, focusing specifically in community-based collaboration and civic-engagement. Before joining the TechChange staff, Jenna was based in Portland, Maine, where she worked in and with the refugee and farming communities through the vehicles of public art and writing. Jenna is currently researching post-conflict public art and culture. Her most recent travels have brought her to Haiti, where she has been studying sculpture and typography, and teaching herself how to edit audio.

Posts By Jenna Crowder:

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, whose priority theme centers around “access and participation of women and girls in education, training, science and technology,” according to this year’s Commission on the Status of Women. Despite the fact that women still earn less than men (about 80 cents per dollar) and are still less likely to hold senior-level positions, the future in technology and …

The current picture of Haiti is complex: millions of people are still displaced, billions of dollars in promised aid have yet to arrive, and there is still an extreme lack of infrastructure. However, there are thousands of NGOs working around the country, and some of the most promising work is being done in communications and connectivity.