See how Layla McCay (doctor, policy influencer, Huffington Post blogger, and TC309: mHealth alumna) views mHealth entrepreneurship at a critical stage between vision and reality, and what she thinks about online learning with TechChange.

All of the top seeds survived the first round unscathed. In beating their competition, CAPS LOCK CRAZY, Russian Radio Appeal, The New Cartographers, and The Thorough Beards continued the streak of top seeds never losing to the bottom seed. But not all of the 2-seeds were as lucky. Here’s the bracket as of now:

Lauren Bailey, TC309: mHealth – Mobile Phones for Public Health alumna, shares her insights on the potential of mobile phones to promoting behavior change in the WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) industry. Check out her cool infographic!

How would you define mHealth?

Check out these mHealth definitions from a few of the attendees from last December’s mHealth Summit 2013 in Washington, DC, including several speakers and alumni from our mHealth online course:

Do you define mHealth differently or similarly? How has mHealth impacted your life and work?

Let us know, and join us for our …

It’s official! On March 31, TechChange will officially move to our new home on 13 & U St. NW.

While we’re looking forward to having more space, better light, and a more convenient location for our partners (as well as joining a U St. tech corridor), we’re going to miss our longtime home that has given us so much.

So, with the end of one …

Technology providers are not the only players in the mHealth industry. There are also mHealth program implementers, research institutions, initiatives, and policymakers/donors. Everytime we offer this mHealth course, we change our topics, tools and speakers due to the evolving nature of the field. Here’s the speaker line-up for Spring 2014 who will be joining us for this upcoming round of the course, which runs March 31 – April 25, 2014

It was a long Sunday night for the TechChange Selection Committee. After everybody else was long asleep, brackets printed, hours of analysis on ESPN consumed, and even the angry tweet of Nate Silver had lost its glimmer, the Selection Committee left the nerd attic with a bracket that will make March Madness look like child’s play.

There aren’t a billion dollars online for a perfect bracket. Nobody …

Mobile phones seem to be everywhere in Africa, and they’re keeping people in touch with health, education, banking, and community empowerment. Often community health workers walk miles to find someone only to learn they are away. But the mobile phones stay with the person – making them much easier to reach.

How does one remain so calm when working in a career in disaster response? Training. Tech Tools & Skills for Emergency Management online course begins today, March 17.

By Taylor Corbett – Data Lead SOS Venezuela, guest speaker of TC105: Mobiles for International Development

On February 12th, Haydee Izaguirre woke up to images of her home country of Venezuela in turmoil. Students, fed up with the country’s record number of homicides, crippling inflation, food shortages, and rampant corruption had taken to the streets in protest. The Venezuelan Government’s response …