On Wednesday, Nov. 20, we were proud to help facilitate the online engagement for a Wilson Center event on New Visions for Citizen Science. It was a perfect follow-up to the last time we visited for the Connecting Grassroots to Government for Disaster Management as well as the launch of an exciting new report we’re already circulating around the office.

TechChange is proud to be working with Global OPS, a platform for global peacebuilding, to provide real-time, customized assistance and professional development training for policy makers and peacebuilding practitioners working on the ground globally for peacebuilding, conflict prevention, and post-war recovery.

Using TechChange’s interactive e-learning platform, Global OPS will offer tailored support and training facilitation for UN experts and agencies, senior diplomats, …

One of the most difficult things as an entrepreneur is transitioning from a single person with an idea to a team of colleagues with a shared creative vision. Today I’d like to to reflect on that journey and the contributions of one amazing individual: Chris Neu.

What if your old phone could help improve the health of populations in developing nations? We love mHealth at TechChange, and that’s why we’re donating phones to empower global health practitioners in developing countries via Medic Mobile’s Hope Phones mobile donation program.

We’re excited to be mentioned in the New York Times in an article on mobile technology for social good! Check out the article, which discusses how mobile phones are becoming more useful beyond entertainment to provide goods and services including water, energy, financial services, healthcare, and education.

Mobile phones are more than just communications devices; they are also powerful tools to improve health care. Here are the three key mobile innovations changing the delivery of health care services that we’ll cover in our next course, which starts on November 18th.

On Friday, Nov. 1, TechChange was honored to participate in a panel at the latest Tech@State  conference on education technology, as well as sponsor the informal reception afterwards to celebrate ten years of e-diplomacy. We wanted to share a few thoughts below of the day to continue the conversation online!


1) There is a gap between a classroom and MOOC