Connecting Grassroots to Government for Disaster Management: A Policy Roundtable

Keynote Discussion: Agency Vision and Decision-Maker Needs

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What information do local and federal government decision-makers need for disaster response and research? How do information needs differ for on-theground responders, back-office decision-makers, and those conducting research? Where might government agencies effectively leverage the power of social networking, crowdsourcing, and other innovations to augment existing information or intelligence and improve decision-making? What agency policies will need to be adapted or established? What is the strategic vision for the next 5-10 years?

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  • TechChange Staff

    Hi everyone, we’ll be taking questions from here as well as #DG2G. The webcast should start VERY soon.

  • TechChange Staff

    Hi everyone, the event is now live. Click the play button to launch the stream.

  • Tyler Packett

    Could we zoom in a bit and see the slides.