Announcing TechChange/GeoPoll SMS Simulation in Tunisia!

We’re excited to announce that GeoPoll will be running a live mobile SMS poll in Tunisia for our upcoming course Mobiles for International Development!

GeoPoll will create a pilot survey that leverages …
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From Caring to Doing: The Responsibility of Experts for #StopKony

This article has been reposted from the Huffington Post. Read the original article.

By: Stephanie Rudat, Kevin Malone, and Christopher Neu



“It may have been …
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Launching our Ushahidi Course

Today we are excited to announce, in conjunction with our friends and colleagues at Ushahidi, one of our first new 200-level courses: Ushahidi: Frameworks for Effective Platform Management, a four-week, online course running …
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ICTD 2012

This post is cross posted from Charles Martin-Shields’, TechChange’s Director of Conflict Management and Peacebuilding Programs, blog Espresso Politics.  

Just got back from ICTD 2012 down at Georgia …
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Look But Don’t Touch….Yet: Internet Activism in #TimorLeste

This is a guest post from Laura Ogden, an alumna of our course, TC104: Global Innovations for Digital Organizing. If you’re interested in learning more about using technology for democratic change we’re running the course again …
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Four Lessons from Training International Exchange Alumni in Pakistan

By Gerard McCarthy and Christopher Neu


Please note that this post pertains to a customized course developed with IREX for alumni of the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Pakistan, a program of the …
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How PeaceTxt went from Chicago Interrupter to Kenyan Peacebuilder


Editor’s Note: This post has been revised to reflect corrections submitted by PeaceTXT and Sisi Ni Amani

I’ve long been interested in how new media can play a unifying/integrating role vs. a …
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