Crowdsourcing for Conflict Prevention: Building Knowledge with the UNDP and the International Peace Institute

On November 9, TechChange President Nick Martin and the TechChange team were invited to participate in a roundtable discussion co-hosted by the International Peace Institute and the UNDP’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery on …
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TechChange Successfully Delivers First Series of Online Courses

In the fall of 2011, TechChange facilitated its first series of online courses.  The courses were each three weeks long and covered the following topics (we will also be running these courses again in the Spring):

Technology …
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Go Ahead, Use Your Mobile in Class: Part 2 of the Tech in Higher Education Discussion

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The first thing Anya Kamenetz said when she took the stage at a talk at the Center for American Progress to …
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Emergence Theory: New Methods in Education for Emerging Economies Has Developed Countries Rethinking Their Assumptions

This post is contributed by a guest author and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of TechChange or the TechChange staff

The development of a robust state is almost always tied to education. The mode …
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